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                                                                      Ранняя весна.


Nature does not change for centuries, its laws always come into force at the right time and in the right place. When it seems that the winter will never end and that blizzards and cold would never end, slowly, very carefully to us sneaks in early spring. Her breath at first feel the inhabitants of cities.

One day, going out on the street out of the house, we understand that the snow had ceased to creak under the soles of, on the roads in some places coming through the asphalt, and the nose and the cheeks and no longer nipping frost. The first rays of the sun blind eyes, reflected from the white curtain, but they already feel the warmth of the coming spring. Even stronger than the people, change the time of the year feel the other urban residents - the birds, which remained for the winter with us. Fussy sparrows and sneakier crows begin to actively prepare for the arrival of warming, выползая of secluded places, where they had hid themselves from the cold winter wind and a snowfall. The city comes to life, the streets are filled with passers-by, people are more boldly say goodbye to warm hats and scarves, even voices seem to be more loud and joyful. Spring is coming!

If to get out of the city, it may seem that here the nature and does not think to prepare for the coming spring. Untouched shoes and wheels of cars, in the fields is a thick layer of snow, not the sound of birds and a cool wind of it and it reminds, that else recently raged frosty January. But this frozen picture - just an illusion, preparing for the arrival of the warm winds and the sun here goes full swing, but they are hidden from the human eye.

In the bowels of the earth, deep under the layers of snow and frozen over the soil begin their motion fertile juices, they have revived the ground water. Large, old trees are the first to begin to his awakening, they slowly activate the frozen roots, and giving the finest strings of endings to meet the life-giving spring juices. Nutrients climb up the trunk in every twig, here only begins preparations for implementation of the kidneys. The leaves will appear in the tree crowns a long time away, but the forest has awakened, though outwardly the trees seem to us such as sleeping and lifeless.

Subtle changes occur and on the river. At night torrent is already not stifle the severe frosts, and the lower layers of the ice shell begin to fade around me, fuzzy потеплевшими waters. A and works hard river in order to throw off the shackles of winter, very soon on its surface appear gullies, and then suddenly the ice cover will be shattered.

Spring comes to us quietly, early change in the nature of almost subtle and not so apparent, but we often feel the heart that winter is coming to an end. Very soon from the roofs tingle drops, and on the earth will run hundreds of merry Brooks. However, when the birds finally get to the South of the spring, each one of us a little взгрустнет on new year's holidays and winter vacation. Я соченила так.