Сочинение на тему ,,My visit to an Art Gallery" Только 150 слов!!! Пожалуйста помогите!


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When I got to the gallery I liked it very much. Many paintings hung on the wall. I carefully looked into each one. The tour guide told many legends and tales about these pictures. I listened very carefully to him. Then I asked a few interesting questions and found the answers. I like to spend time in the gallery. I also wanted to be a tour guide. I could tell people about the paintings and their stories. Then when we went into the room, I saw a very ancient history paintings and books. They were created long ago. It was exciting. All my friends are interested in it. The tour guide was telling a very interesting and understandable. He invited us to join the club of young gallerists. I and several of my friends agreed. Then we went to the other room. But I've already forgotten about the picture and thought about was that I was called to the club. The tour ended and the tour guide called us. We have discussed this topic. I was very pleased. It was my dream. Maybe in the future I'll also work in a gallery, look for interesting facts and data!