из 2х предложений составить одно с использованием `s

1)My friends have got new cassettes. They are in cassette boxes

2) Sam has got a girlfriend.Her name is Fiona

3) My father has got a sister.She is an artist

4)My uncle has got a dog.It is not very intelligent

5) The Smiths had a party.It was very boring

6) Dr Johnson has got two brothers.They are bank managers

7) Lucy and Mark have got a car. It is quite expensive

8)His children go to school.Their grades are very low


Ответы и объяснения

1) My friends' new cassettes are in boxes.
2) A girlfriend's name is Fiona.
3) My father's sister is an artist.
4) My uncle's dog is not very intelligent.
5) The Smiths' party was very boring.
6) Dr Johnson's brothers are bank managers.
7) Lucy and Mark's car is quite expensive.
8) His childrens' grades are very low.