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I am proud of the remarkable Russian writer Alexander Sergeyevich Griboyedov. In spite of the fact that he is known only one work, he received recognition as a writer. But not only this makes proud of them. Griboedov was a diplomat and peacemaker. When Griboedov was on a peacekeeping mission in Persia (now Iran), he was brutally killed. Rebel against the authorities of the Persians broke into the building of the diplomatic mission of Russia and killed almost all Russian ambassadors, of the order of several tens. Only one survivor man talked about those terrible events. Griboedov identified the ring on her finger. After the crackdown head writer and diplomat around the city for several days. Once this became known to the Russian and Persian government, Persia as a sign of condolences gave Russia a huge diamond. It is worth mentioning, that Griboedov was also a composer and musician. Still known for his waltzes, which are sung to this day.