Напишите пожалуйста очень-очень краткий сюжет Ромео и Джульетты на англйском. ЗАРАНЕЕ СПАСИБО!


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he first act begins with a brawl servants who belong to two warring families - the Montagues and the Capulets. It is unclear what caused the feud, but obviously it is a long and uncompromising, is drawn into the maelstrom of passion and young and old alike. By the servants quickly joined by representatives of the two noble houses, and then their own chapter. On July sun-drenched area real fight begins to boil. The citizens who are tired of hatred, are struggling to separate the fighters. Finally comes the supreme ruler of Verona - Prince, who orders to stop collision on pain of death, and angrily deleted.

In the square there Romeo, son of Montague. He already knows about the recent strike, but his thoughts are occupied by another. As befits his age, he is in love and suffering. The object of his unrequited passion - a kind of unapproachable beauty of Vera. In a conversation with a friend Benvolio, he shares his experiences. Benvolio suggests paying a good-natured look at other girls and chuckling over the objections of another.

At this time, the Capulet makes the visit a relative of Prince Count Paris, who asks his hands only daughter of the owners. Juliet are not even fourteen, but her father agrees to the proposal. Paris noble, rich, handsome and a better husband can not dream of. Capulet invites Paris to the annual ball, they give this evening. The landlady's daughter is sent to the chamber to warn Juliet about the match. Threesomes - Juliet's nurse and mother who raised a girl - they vividly discussing the news. Juliet yet serene and obedient to the will of the parent.

On the magnificent ball-carnival in the house of Capulet penetrate the masks of several young people from the enemy camp - including Benvolio, Mercutio and Romeo. All of them are hot, sharp tongue and looking for adventure. Particularly sarcastic and eloquent Mercutio - Romeo's closest friend. Romeo himself seized on the doorstep of the Capulets strange anxiety. "Goodness is not waiting. Unknown that is / What is hidden is still in darkness, / But the foundation for establishing a current ball, / Dearly shorten the life of me / Blame some strange circumstances. / But the one who directs my ship / Oh the sail ... "

In the crush of the ball, with casual phrases that are exchanged between hosts, guests and servants, the views of Romeo and Juliet was first crossed, and, like the blinding lightning strikes their love.

The world for both instantly transformed. For Romeo From this moment there is no past affections: "I loved once until then? / Oh no, it was a false goddess. / I did not know the true beauty now ... "When he says these words, his voice finds Juliet's cousin Tybalt, immediately clutching his sword. Hosts beg him not to make a fuss at the festival. They note that Romeo is known for generosity and there is no trouble, even if he had been at the ball. Stung by Tybalt harbors resentment.

Meanwhile Romeo and Juliet failed to exchange a few remarks. He dressed as a monk, and a hood for it does not see his face. When she slips out of the room to the call of the mother, the nurse from Romeo learns that she - the daughter of the owners. A few minutes later Juliet made the same discovery - through the same nurse she discovers that Romeo - son of arch-enemy! "I hated incarnation force / Inopportunely unknowingly fell in love."

Benvolio and Mercutio walk away with the ball, without waiting for the other. Romeo at this time quietly climbed over the wall and hiding in the dense garden of the Capulets. His instinct leads him to the balcony of Juliet, and he, dying, hear how she pronounces his name. Unable to stand, the boy responds. The conversation begins with two lovers timid exclamations and questions, and ends with an oath of love and the decision immediately unite their destinies. "It is not subject to what I own. / My love is without a bottom, and kindness - a wide expanse of sea. / What do I spend more, the getting richer and the Boundless "- so says Juliet about her feelings blights. "O Holy Night, Holy Night ... / So prohibitive Wait