мне нужно рассказ про себя а я с английским не дружу . прошу написать . где имя и фамилия моя и родителей имена оставте пробел .


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My name is______I am_____I study at the_____th form My favourite subjects are:_________I’m fond of reading books. Also I like drawing that’s why I go to art school. I’m very cheerful and sociable person. I have many friends. My best friend’s name is _______My hobby is________ It's not only interesting, but also very useful. My native town is________I go in for sports. I play_________
In summer time I like yachting and windsurfing. I live with parents in a big flat. When I have free time I help my mother. I wash up the dishes, sweep the floor and water flowers. I love my parents very much. When I grow up I will become a/an__________as my mother.