нужен текст - сочинение на тему весна , на англ. языке. 10 - 20 предложений. заранее спасибо)


Ответы и объяснения


Spring has finally arrived! After a long and snowy winter pleasantly go outside and breathe in the smell of the warm wind, to see the first spring birds. Do not have time to get off the last snow, and makes its way through last year's grass herb. Thin sprouts hard stretch to the sun. Soon all will be covered with a green carpet. The buds on the poplars and birches were swollen, and the air felt a faint smell of sticky notes. Another day or two and the trees are covered with soft greens. Initially, this barely noticeable touch, and then the leaves start to grow bolder and bolder, increasing almost on the eyes. Another moment - and the trees will dress in a lush canopy. Green will replace the pallor of winter. Spring in a special way the sun is shining: something bright and cheerful and festive. I want to walk down the street and smile at everyone. Not only the nature of the dresses in bright colors. People also threw off their coats and warm coats. All around a beautiful and fun costumes. All happy to welcome spring!!!!!