Так люди мне надо сделать проект на тему *ЗДОРОВЫЙ ОБРАЗ ЖИЗНИ* !!!! Плакат я нарисую....вам надо сделать только тексты....один на плакат, а другой что бы я читала!!(сильно сложные тексты не надо, не поверят что я сама написала :DDD ) Заранее спасибо :3


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A healthy lifestyle helps us to fulfill our goals and objectives and successfully implement its plans to cope with difficulties, and if we must, and with enormous overload. Good health, maintain and strengthen the man himself, will allow him to live a long and full life of joy. In this article you will learn how to treat your body and keep it in good shape. These tips are to a certain extent will suit every conscious person who chooses to be on the path of recovery and bring your life back in order. If you have a good experience in this field, feel free to share your tips in the comments, take part in the discussion. The article has links to other useful materials that tell about nutrition, the benefits of fruits and vegetables, as well as a sports and their importance.