Составь предложения,поставь слова в нужном порядке: 1)computer,Saturdays,on,games,my,plays,sister; 2)play,puzzle,didn't,Sam,yesterday; 3)my,tomorrow,I,ride,'ll,bike; 4)day,shopping,grandma,my,went,yesterday,the,before; 5)were,England,summer,in,they,last; 6)bed,I,make,the,in,don't,my,morning.


Ответы и объяснения


1)My sister plays computer games on Saturdays.

2)Sam didn't play puzzle yesterday.

3)I'll ride my bike tomorrow.

4)My grandma went shopping the day before yesterday.

5)They were in England last summer.

6)I don't или didn't make my bed in the morning.