Задание: Write 6 sentences about your favourite animal. The questions can help you. Только чтобы были те слова, которые вы проходили в 4 классе. 1. What is your favourite animal? 2. What is its name? 3. How old is it? 4. What colour is it? 5. What does it like eating? 6. What can your favourite animal do? 7. Why do you like it? My favourite animal is............


Ответы и объяснения


My favorite animal is cat. Its name is Muska. It is 3. It is brown. It likes a fish and milk. My cat can sleep, play with me and mew (мяукать). I like it because the cat is cute and I like play with my cat. 


my favorite animal is a cat his name Murzik. he gray. he eats meat and fish. my cat loves to eat sleep and play. I like when he plays with me