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1. Miss Peace asked me to call this morning.

a) Sorry, your number is the wrong one.
b) Do you know the area code?
c) But there is no person of that name her
2. We can let you know what sizes are available
a) Thank you. I know them.
b) Thanks. I'm glad that's OK now
c) Thanks. I can order what we need then
3. Can you give me a quotation?
a) We haven't any more available
b) This price is very competitive
c) they cost 3.30 each
4. Can we have a higher discount?
a) It depends on the number you order
b) The prices are our lowest
c) It's not so much


Ответы и объяснения


1) b или c

2) c

3) с

4) b

Извиняюсь, если что неправильно