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We have moved, it is a nice place to live , i have already been to my new school , so i am not worrying any more. I am sorry i have taken so long to reply to your last message. My little brain I overloads too easily, sorry.
It is amazing to think that a year ago we studied together in a language school in Malta. Life has changed so much since then. My brother had a new son two weeks ago . It is his first one so we are all very excited. Unfortunately, i won`t see the baby for a long time because he lives in Japan. It is sad but that is life sometimes.
I hope you are doing well at school. I am sure you are.
Talk soon


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my parents moved to a new home in another country, and there is good, I liked it. Yesterday we spent the whole day unloading things, and today I went to my new school. She is very beautiful and large, do a week I'll be in it to learn. how many new friends I will be here. Even can not believe that we are in different cities, like a month ago, we went to school together and were sitting at the same desk, but today we are far from each other. But I will never forget about you, I will come, dosvildaniya