Поставить глаголы в Past Simpie,Present Perfect. a)Whose car ____ (he \ drive) yesterday? b)What _____ (just \ happen)? c)He _____ (hear) a strange nois for a time d)_______ (the film \ not begin) only ten minutes ago? e)My mother _____ (do) some gardening last summer f)They _______ (not eat) anything since breakfast time g)The concert _____ (be) an enormous success for more tham 15 years h)They _______ (destroy) some animal species recently i)Mr Field _____ (telephone) her just a minuteago j)Thos organization _____ (recycle) paper for a moth but last year they ______ (not do) anything of the kind


Ответы и объяснения


a) whose  car did he  drive  yesterday ;б)what  have  just  happend  


a) Whose car did he drove?

b) What has just happen?

d) Did film not began only ten minutes ago?

e) My mother did some gardening las summer.

i)Mr. Field has telephone her just a minuteago.