сделайте задание по английскому надо составить предложение из данных слов вот например: We have to go to school every day.

вот слова

word box 1

answer the teacher`s guestions

go to school every day

do homework

tidy the classroom

wear a uniform

come to school at ...

make reports

word box 2

every day/two times a week/three times a week/two times a month/three times a month

never/very often/seldom


Ответы и объяснения


At our lessons we answer the teacher's questions.

In England they don't go to school every day.

I do my homework in my bedroom.

The pupils on duty tidy the classroom.

All the pupils have to wear uniforms.

I come to school at a quarter to eight.

We like to make reports.



I have my music lessons two times a week.

We have English three times a week.

This magazine is published to times a month.

I visit my aunt three times a month.

I never miss classes.

I go to the forest very often.

They seldom go to the theatre.

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I don't want to answer the teacher's questions.

My friends and I  go to school every day.

I do my homework at school.

every Friday the students tidy their classrooms.

We don't have to wear a uniform  at our school.

As a rule they  come to school at 8 a.m.

My sister like to make reports on Geography.


We must do washing up every day.

I have to play chess two times a week.

We go to a swimming pool three times a week.

My mother goes to the dentist two times a month.

I go to the disco three times a month.

I have never been to Volgograd.

She goes to the cinema very often.

They seldom sing and dance.