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1. -What will you do at about 9 o'clock tonight? -I don't know yet. Probably I'll watch television.

2. -What are you thinking about? -My brother. I often think about him these days.

3. When I was younger I preferred bananas to all fruits but now I eat only citrous fruits.

4. Yesterday evening when my sister and I were doing our homework the telephone rang. I answered it and heard a strange voice.

5. -Could you give me a lift? -Not today, I shan't drive I'll go by bus. Sorry.

6. Tomorrow after classes John will work in the library. He usually goes to the library after classes. He is preparing for his exams.

7 Will you fly to the sea or will go by train? - I will fly; my flight is tomorrow morning.

8 - Whom were you talking to when I met you in the shop? - To my friend. We were doing shopping together.

9 - How can I get to the station? - I will take you in my car. I will go to the station myself.

10 Usually Mary doesn't make a mistakes in her spelling, but yesterday she wrote the spelling test rather badly. I hope she is learning the new words now.

11 They walked in silence for a long time and then Ben turned to Johnny and smiled, "Why have you never told me about your family? he asked

12 If someone calls, tell them I will be free after seven.