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* 3. This room is half as large as yours.

4. The older we get, the wiser we become.

5. I saw him walking out of the supermarket. - Was he carrying anything at the time?

6. She made him do the job again.

7. I'm going to my room to bring my luggage.

8. Hurry up, otherwise we'll miss the train.

9. I didn't meet you at the airport because I had lost my car keys.

10. Emerald country is the name given to Ireland.

11. Are you sure you can explain to me the meaning of the verb "ensure"?

12. The coffee smells wonderful. Would you give me a cup of it, please?

13. Kate was popular at school because she always made people laugh.

14. When Ann was ill, we all went to the hospital to visit her.

15. They value this picture at 1.000 dollars.

16. These aren't my books, are they?

17. Hogmanay is a special name for New Year's eve, it is celebrated in Scotland.

18. I lived in Paris for five years, from 1970 to 1975.

19. Jack is the cleverest of the two brothers.

20. The Speaker sits on a special seat called the Woolsack.

21. When I arrived in New York, it was raining cats and dogs.

22. This is a very good advice.

23. I was very thirsty and took a second cup of tea, then a third one.

24. I like to walk in rainy weather.

25. What else do you want to tell him?

26. When I phoned her, she was still at home.

27. He brought me two more books by this writer.

28. What do you say when someone passes the exam? - Good luck!

29. I want you to be there in time.

30. I am sure about it, because i heard her say it several times.