The driver ________ to let the people cross the street. stopped stoped stop 3 There is ________ water on the floor - please wipe it out. a any some 4 Last year winter _________in January. starts started start 5 What ________ you doing when the robbers broke into the house? were was are 6 At school. Match. Listen 1 to your teacher. Read 2 your notebook. Don’t fight 3 your homework. Don’t run 4 in your notebook. Open 5 in the corridors. Leave 6 with other children. Write 7 Don’t chew Don’t chew 8 the classroom clean. 7 Why ________ he stop when we called him? wasn't didn't don't 8 You ________ work harder before your test. could may should 9 Match Were they dancing when the lights went out? 1 No, she hasn’t. Has Pam missed the train? 2 Yes, it will. Will it be sunny tomorrow? 3 Yes, he does. Have Mr and Mrs Hedrix left yet? 4 No, they haven’t. Can I take your crayons? 5 Yes, they were. Does Philip go to Andy’s school? 6 Yes, it was. Must you buy all these sweets? 7 No, I didn’t. Was your birthday on Sunday? 8 Yes, I must. Did you have to make all this mess? 9 No, you can’t. 10 We jumped ________ the water and started swimming. into at through 11 Which countries USE Euros? Finland England Malta Ireland Greece Italy


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2.some water


4. were doing

5. he didn't stop

6. should
7. into
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