Choose the correct answer,fill in the articles and prepositions where necessary.

The World Wildlife Fund is 1.___international organization involved in saving animals and 2.___environment they live in. It was founded in 1961, and deals 4____5___(every,any,many,few) aspects of nature,for example plants,fish and the other use of the worl's natural resources.The WWF has succeeded 6.___ rescuing 7___ least 30 species of birds and mammals from 8.___(extinct,extinction,extension,migration). If fashionable women today feel 9.___(happy,excited,embarrashed,guilty) to wear fur coats,it is 10___(because,due to, owing,thanks) the work of WWF which opposes 11___killing of animals 12.___their skin. 13.___education is the key,if more people were 14.(afraid,fond,aware,tired) of the danger 15.___16___ environment and its wildlife, the perhaps they 17___(will do, would do, are doing,did) more help organizations like the WWF.


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1 an

2 the


7 at



10due to




 17will do