Привет, мне нужна помощь с домашней работой. Мое домашнее задание во вложениях.5 и 7


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ex 5

1. Russian students have got a host family in London and they are staying there.

2. They have already visited the Trafalgar square, the London eye, the Tower of London and the Science museum.




1. She can play the guitar, can't she? - Yes, she can.

2. Jess speaks French, doesn't she? - No, she doesn't.

3. She doesn't take part in the English Russian school exchange, does she? - No, she doesn't

4. Her hobbies are music and theatre, arent there. - Yes, there are.

5. She has got a foreigh penfriend, hasn't she? - Yes, she has.

6. Yesterday Jess gave an interesting interview to the correspondent, didn't she? - No, she didn't.


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