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The year is 2050. Terra-forming and new advances in geo-engineering have made it
possible to drastically change the face of the earth for the better. In particular, human
beings have decided to solve the problem of limited land by raising a new continent in the
middle of the ocean! Your job, as leader of the world’s foremost geo-engineering
corporation, is to design and create this new continent.
Your board of directors and the United Nations has given you almost unlimited leeway in
this project. You may make the continent wherever you wish, in whatever shape you
wish, as long as you allow settlers from the other continents to settle there. Will it have
islands? Snowy mountains? Huge rivers? Jungles? Vast deserts? That is up to you.
You also have complete control over politics in the new continent. You may decide to
allow several different countries to occupy your land, or you may create one enormous
empire. You may allow a dictatorship, a democracy, even a monarchy.
It’s up to you. Remember that your new land will be inhabited by refugees from the
other continents, but whole new cultures and languages may arise, too.