Напишите письмо. 100-120 слов I've been busy the whole day. My grandmother's birthday is in two days and I've been looking for a present for her but I haven't found anything yet. It so difficult to find a good present for someone you really love! In what occasions do you give each other presents? Do you usually buy gifts for your family or do you make it's yourself ? What kinds of presents do you think my granny would be happy to get? Please give me some ideas if you can.


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Dear Kelly,


I am happy to get your letter. Yes, you're right, to find a gift for someone you really love is very difficult. I always buy gifts previosly. I also love to give something made by myself. Relatives love my gifts, I like to bring them joy. Yesterday, my mom had a birthday. I gave her a beautiful bouquet of flowers, which I made out of paper and a chocolate bar, she was wonder! I brought to her breakfast in her bed. I love her! You can also present to her something made by yourself. She is going to be surprised, I promise.