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Dream - it's an amazing feeling, which gives the sense of life and hope for the best.
When I was little, my dream was to become President, because I have always been interested in politics. But then I realized that being a President is not given to all, and, therefore, I have a new dream...
I want to work hard and earn good money, but not for the sake of luxurious mansions and cars. I want to open my own charity Fund and invest money to help sick people, for the reconstruction of churches and other sights, the development of culture, science and agriculture, modernization of cities of Russia, in the discovery of new reserves and parks and many other things. I believe that we should improve their Homeland, and not just use it.
And I want to help people not for the sake of being famous and stand on the first place with God. I want to do it, because I could have been in their place. And who would have helped me?