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Int greeted Annd and said he was from the local newsagents' association and that they were doing a survey on people's reading habits. He asked Ann to answer a few questions and she wasn't against it. Int asked Ann what kind of newspaper she read. Ann said she didn't get one every day but she prefered broadsheet papers because they were wellwritten and informative. Int said that she didn't read tabloids then. She said she didn't because you had to take everything they wrote with a oinch of salt and that it was not really news. Int asked her about gossip magazines, if she ever read them. She said she did occasionally just for fun. She thought that everyone enjoys a bit of scandal time to time. Int asked her if she believed the stories in them. She disagreed and added that you couldn't (или can't, если всегда нельзя было верить всему что пишут ) believe everything you read. Int asked Ann if she had known that nearly all people who had taken part on their survey that day had said that get most of their information about what was going on in the world from gossip magazines. She asked if that was the truth and that that was unbelievable and added that truth was stranger than fiction. 



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