Написать текст где бы я хотел побывать (марс, путешествие на воздушном шаре, поссмотреть мир) 8-10 предл.


Ответы и объяснения


Divides people into two classes - Formation, which is allowed to the body, and lackeys, of which sharpen claws and teeth. Selfish, of course, but forgive Leo for his selfishness and nepokobelimuyu holy faith in his own {censored}. Is fond of flattery, bitch, with the help of it you can pull out the Lion anything. Generous and do not fool yourself make fun of themselves. All the rest of ridicule over the lion is to abstain if there is no desire to spend the remaining hours of torturous existence in the intensive care unit with a stake in the ne w *! Boorish, but elegant. Able to trample anyone in deep shit, it sometimes does a pure curiosity and child {censored} desire "pozyrit." Gentleman throughout. Partner unambiguous makes it clear how oh ** Goes happiness came to him in the form of Lion and demands the proper treatment. Do not mind if his name is in the home just God. The faithful, however, a friend, and loves to give expensive gifts .. He likes to eat, sleep, and chat)), which often is friends with Aquarius and Gemini. Unbearable in large quantities if you are Virgo, Cancer or Pisces.