Представьте что вы школьный психолог . Напишите Элее письмо с советом как решить эту проблему : " НЕПОНИМАНИЕ УЧИТЕЛЕЙ"



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Dear Ellea

I'm a school psychologist. I'm sorry too hear about your problems with teachers, but I'll try to help you.


Well, you have to be patient. Teachers wish you all the best, they want you to studio hard and listen to them carefully. Are you a good student? Do you do your homework every day?


Probably, something is wrong with your behavior. Try to do well at the lessons.

Another thing is that sometimes you don't understand the subject and blame the teachers. Ask a teacher to help you, stay at school after the lessons.


Finally, try to anderstand that teachers work hard. Their is difficult. They have to teach different students, good and bad, they have to check hundreds of exercise books.


Wish you all the best

Mrs Smith