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The desire to lose weight so went into privychkuuamerikanskih women that dieting is a normal way of eating. "In fact, some researchers have found that women who zealously adhering to the diet, and in women with severe disabilities in the area of food much in common, anorexia and bulimia, these researchers tend to be regarded as the extreme points of the behavior of women," - says Kathleen Pike, Ph.D., a psychologist studying and treating eating disorders in women. Many women who have a diet religiously, the same distorted view of what should be a body, as in women with serious diseases who see obesity where others see thinness. If you are not a follower of diet, you probably know one of them. This may be a woman who has set a goal to reduce the weight by 2, or 4, or 10 kilograms, or keep it the same. But for those tears, blood and sweat (and sometimes buck), in which she manages to diet, they can be equated to 45 kg. Many amateur restrict your diet suffer from the fact that the therapist Kim Chernin, author of "obsessive-compulsive disorder: Reflections on the tyranny of slenderness," calls psevdoozhireniem. With an ideal or close to ideal weight, they nevertheless seek "to exhaustion with a blush on her cheeks," type, touted models and actresses, unnaturally tall and thin. Like patients with anorexia and bulimia, her guardians chronic dieting is always on a diet, even though all of their thoughts, dreams and desires are fixed on the food. "If I do not limit myself, I would have weighed all of 180 kg - exclaims the 46-year-old Delia Bogart, which at growth of 172 cm weighs 66 kg - very good (but she did not think so) weight for her height. - I good appetite, and I love to eat. During breakfast I start to look at the clock to see how many time left before lunch. My best friend told me that as she knows me, I'm always trying to dump all the same 4 kg. "


Our bodies, ourselves

Why are ordinary women are so eager to buy angularity, say, or the Pauline model actress Julia Roberts, whose bodies are professional tools, and their size, of course, unique to 5 percent of the population?

Most of the women because of hereditary factors can not achieve just such a figure. And that's the difficulty. "Our culture - says sociologist and historian Robert Pollack Seid, in his book" Lose weight to the best "- has set the standard in the body of a woman, contrary to biology women." While we can not deny that biology determines that the terms of our body, yet it is so. In the soft tissues of the female body should contain about 22 percent fat, and continued to have begun menstruation. If a woman's body contains enough fat may develop amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), with thinning of the bone-eating and infertility. We are also limited to what nutritionists call set point, that is, a weight that we can maintain without conscious effort. When the weight falls below the value of the installation, our body relentlessly strives to return the status quo, the reserves of energy and increasing the appetite, which is one of the main reasons that go on a diet losing the battle. One of the women - diet followers realized the futility of their constant efforts to lose weight to fit photomodulation * whether, when, in her own words, read an article in a magazine about movie stars, and their clothes. "Before I read this article, I had no idea that an adult can be a size 40! - Surprised her. - I could not stick your hand in the dress of this size. I decided that than go on a diet the concentration of the camp, I'd rather wear my 46-th size and be happy. "