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1. It happens that the older kids to grow old living in his parents' house. 2. He said that under no circumstances would not compromise with them and not abandon his idea. 3. It never occurred to her that these pictures are absolutely identical. 4. The country has long been in the grip of economic crisis. 5. Friends should stick together in different circumstances. 6. She has long sought a nanny for the child and finally decided to attach a declaration to the gate of his house. 7. He gave his fee for the benefit of orphans. 8. The body has not yet identified: in the pocket of the killed had no documents proving his identity.9 . Your diligence does you credit. 10 . Each person for the life passes certain stages of development. 11 . I advise to you to treat in Council for work difficult teenagers. 12 . You rather vzroskly to have the settled outlooks on life. 13 . If you want to be healthy and stop remaining in shape, first of all, bad habits. 14 . He so wanted to appear again at home; he looked forward when native again will embrace him 15. Since ancient times of person овека intrigue such phenomena, as earthquakes, floods, and others pokdobny of 16. After continuous quarrels they, at last, could feel safe with each other.