будьте добры!)))))ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!!!ПРОШУУУ!пожалуйста!прошуу!УМОЛЯЮЮЮ!!!!!!! написать небольшое сочинение о пингвинах на английском, кратко но и немного информации. И еще про пользу домашних животных. желательно про всех(почти). и тоже кратко, так как для открытого урока. буду рассказывать. срочно! пожааааааааааааааааалуйста! сроочно!пожалуйста! А ТО В ЧЕТВЕРТИ 2 НАЛЕПЯЯЯТ((((((((((


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Penguins are related to the flightless birds. Their total of 17 species. Dimensions penguins vary depending on the species: for example, Galapagos has a length of 40 cm and a weight of 3 kg, included in the Red Book. Imperial - length 1.2 m, weight : 42 kg.
Protection from cold and hunger. Their body is covered with dense, short tail, like the fur seal. It does not soak. The penguin is the subcutaneous layer of fat. He saves from the cold and hunger, when you have a long stay on the land without food.
Environment. Penguins live in the southern hemisphere. Peculiarities of the structure of permit them to survive in the cold climate of Antarctica. But they live and in other places, where the climate is softer: on the shores of Africa, South America, Australia, and one species, Galapagos, dwells even at the equator! The Imperial and Royal penguins, penguins Adele live only in the Antarctic.
Power. Feed on fish, squid, shrimp, which they get under the surface of the water in cold seas. In the water move with the help of несгибающихся wings, serving them as oars, while the tail and paws - the wheel. This allows you to develop your speed in water up to 40 km/h. Penguins dive for prey to a depth of tens of meters, then suddenly up, the boss of air up to 2 meters and just land on the edge of the ice. In search of food penguins can swim in the icy water of hundreds of kilometers.
Breeding species. Wherever penguins, but they always return to their nest, which can be collected from several hundreds of thousands of penguins. Sometimes return takes many months. A pair of penguins create for life. But if one dies, the подыскивается new partner. Penguins are building a nest, shovelling the stones and pebbles. Thus they can steal from each other construction material. Can make their nest under the roots of trees, can just pull up the empty space. The Imperial and Royal penguins lay one egg right on the ice in may-June during the polar night, then the male puts the egg on his paws and covers the abdominal folds. The period насиживания is 64 days. Stretch sits only a male, a female goes in search of food and appears to the time when you need to feed the Chicks.
Chicks are born blind, and covered with hairs. Parents dive for food, and then отрыгивают him right in the mouth of the young. Independent life of the Chicks will be conducted in the beginning of December, when the summer comes. They dive for food together with their parents. Food is swallowed-in-the water, not on the land.
Water - it is their nature, so far as they agile in the water, so clumsy on land, moving shambling gait. Emperor penguins can move faster: they fall down on his stomach, and, flinging legs, running down the ice like a sled with a speed greater than the speed skier.
Penguins are benevolent. Can coexist in the indescribable distress breeding colonies, but the enemies they are ruthless, not afraid even of people who intrude into the illicit border of their settlements, beat their wings and expel from its territory.
The peculiar color of feathers - white Dickey and a black coat, makes them similar to us. Hence, the great feeling of sympathy and interest to them.