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Work on "Easter"

Easter - is the biggest religious festival that celebrate spring. On this day, according to Christian legend, Jesus Christ was resurrected after he was crucified on the cross. This miracle symbolizes liberation from sin for believers. In the popular imagination this holiday update the land and nature. Preparing for the holidays is a week, every day, which is of particular importance and is celebrated conduct certain ceremonies. Easter is preceded by Lent Great semytyzhnevyy.

Observe Easter in different ways in different countries and even different regions of Ukraine. Before Easter to all families bake delicious cakes and make Easter eggs or eggs painted in bright colors. I like the smell and taste of cakes and especially their top, sprinkled with colored sugar.

 Early Sunday morning all go to church and sit on his return from the holiday table. In the church, the priest sprinkles the people with holy water and food. There is a tradition to light a candle and insert it into the cake at the dedication. If you bring a candle that burns to the house, there will be happiness and wealth throughout the year. This day usually going for the whole family communication and fun. Around joyful festive atmosphere prevails.

There is a popular belief that after Easter finally warms, so the sooner holiday, the sooner spring comes. I noticed that on this day always raining, at least a little, and as early as Monday comes warm, sunny weather. Easter - one of my favorite holidays!