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Зарание спасибо


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1. When I fall ill, I tell my Mum and she calls the doctor. I don't like being ill because I have to stay at home and I can't visit my friends.

2.  When the doctor comes? she or he usually take my temperature. Then, if it is very high, they give me antibiotics and tell me, how many days I have to stay at home.

3. Usually, when I get ill, my Mum looks after me, if she is very busy, I stay at home alone.

4. I like staying in my warm bed all day and sipping sweet tea. Also I like watching TV while being ill.

5.  Well, of course, I hate taking the bitter medicines that my Mum gives me. They're disgusting!

6. Yes, when my Mum or Dad get sick, I help around the house and do the chores they usually do, I also make the meals.

7. Personally, I wouldn't like to become a doctor, I prefer humanitarian subjects like History and Sicial Studies, in fact, I would like to become a lawyer!