Составить хорошие фразы о мире, об окружающей среде. Если не получится на английском, то можно на русском.


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Nature - everything you need for life. Often, both adults and children, tear flowers, twigs of trees, not thinking about the fact that once a person is to grow a tree. How beautiful is the nature!

In the spring there are the first sprouts from the earth, as if taking the first steps. In summer, the gardens, the gardens are blooming with colorful flowers fluffy hats. With the arrival of the autumn season the trees turn yellow - it's time to close the golden autumn. People really like Indian summer.

Although it lasts a short time, but it brings joy to people, because it is the most warm days of autumn. Winter days are often issued with the thaw, there is a sun, frost tolerant, and on the whole, all the - frost, all the trees are different, but equally bloom - white.

During these periods, nature is unique.

In our republic set up special institutions for the protection of nature. This proves once again that there are not only people who harm nature, but rather trying to help her.

Each man must take care of the nature of our country.

Keep the beauty and uniqueness of their native land - a common concern of all its peoples, their sacred duty and obligation.