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I’ve lived in Nottingham all my life and, at 16, I was getting involved with the wrong people and illegal activities. By 17 I was a leader of a local gang and was involved (1) … a lot of things I shouldn’t have been.

When The ABC Motor Project started, I was (2) … in what it was about. I went there and particularly liked to go carting and I went frequently. I formed my own carting team and we maintained and looked (3) … our own cart. There was a points system and young people could (4) … points for their team by doing voluntary work, for example, working on other carts. The points were used as pounds to support my own team and improve our cart. My team worked (5) … and we earned the most points of any team.

Eventually I started doing voluntary work on the project without (6) … points. I was enjoying it. I learnt fast and the Project Mechanic was very pleased (7) … me. After a (8) … , Steve, the manager of the project, managed to get me part-time pay on casual labour because he said I had become “essential” to the project. I was still volunteering my time as well so I was on the project all the time. Later Steve managed to get me full-time pay at the unqualified rate and I became the project’s Assistant Project Mechanic.

I then got onto the Youth Worker’s Course and, after nine months and a (9) ... of work, I was awarded my Youth Worker’s qualification.

Not so long ago the Project Mechanic left and I was (10) … to that position. Steve says I am really good for the project and the young people that attend it.


a. for

b. in

c. by

d. into


a. exited

b. involved

c. interested

d. impressed


a. into

b. for

c. after

d. at


a. earn

b. take

c. work

d. give


a. hardly

b. harder

c. hard

d. hardest


a. requirement

b. required

c. require

d. requiring


a. with

b. by

c. from

d. about


a. moment

b. time

c. while

d. period


a. deal

b. much

c. lot

d. great


a. developed

b. promoted

c. supported

d. encouraged


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1 b

2 c

3 b

4 a

5 c

6 d

7 b

8 c

9 c

10 c