устное высказывание на тему : "Моя учёба"

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I think it was only recently when I first went into the lobby of the school. From that day I began my studies at school.
Study at school - this is the most significant event that remains for life. "Yesterday," for me - it's first class. Familiarity with the teacher and classmates. Gaining knowledge and first estimates. It was not easy to write numbers and letters, and even harder to do your homework. But now the school for me - this is a new stage in the acquisition of knowledge. I am able to quickly write, read, learned to solve the problem. I have myself do my homework and know how to perform the task. And I like that. Although the themes we have in the classroom is not as easy as in the first grade. And what are the lessons I would have loved ones in the future, I do not know yet. In general, the school of tomorrow - it's something unknown, something I still do not know and do not know how. I'm sure that before the end of the eleventh grade, I'll get new knowledge on many subjects. In fact, after school I have to go to college.
. During my time in school, a lot has happened in my life as a poor and horoshego.Ya very grateful to her friends at school that they were with me in the years ucheby.Ya very grateful to my classmates (or at least most of them) for fun and the endless and empty pozitiv.Grustno will not nih.V my heart will always be a corner for them.