Грамотно перевести предложения с Русского на Английский язык.

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1)Dan Brauns books are successfully sold all over the world. 2)My jeans are easily erased .

3)New Sallys skirt doesn't wrinkled.4) I have been wearing my fur coat for 3 years. it's well-worn.

5)Dry leaves and branches of trees are easily burn.6)Such rolls are quickly baked.7)This new furniture is sold too slow .8)Nylon is easily erased.)Cotton cloth is easily wrinkled.10)Such coats are not very well-worn.


Brown's book is selling very well all over the miru.2.moi easily stirayutsya.3.novaya jeans skirt Sally mnetsya.4.u my coat for three goda.Ona well nositsya.5.Suhie leaves and branches of trees easily goryat.6. these buns quickly pekutsya.7.Eta new furniture is sold very medlenno.8.Neylon stiraetsya.9.Hlopchatobumazhny material is easily mnetsya.10.Podobnye the jacket is not worn very well.после цифр пиши с большой буквы