Помогите пожалуйста написать примерно 10 главных предложений на английском языке о здание парламента в Лондоне для презентации мне надо срочно;( Например: Когда было построена здание? Сколько палат в здание и какие? и т.д


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The Westminster palace which is also known as the building of Parliament, - the palace where pass meeting of both chambers of parliament of Great Britain, the Houses of Commons and chambers of lords.
The House of Commons is elected for a period of five years by a general, equal election at ballot, and the Chamber of lords not elective, consists of two archbishops, 26 bishops of Anglican church ("spiritual lords") and 706 members of a peerage ("secular lords"). Spiritual lords are present while they hold church positions, and secular members of chamber of lords serve for life.
The Westminster palace is located on the northern bank of the river of the Thames in the heart of London. The first royal palace was constructed on this place in the XI century. Possibly, Cnut Veliky was the first king who has lodged here. Edward Ispovednik founded here Westminster abbey, but constructions of those times didn't remain. The earliest buildings which have reached us were constructed at king Wilhelm II. The palace was considered as the main residence of kings of England, and meetings of Royal Council - the predecessor of English parliament here were held.