Написати 6 речнь чому мены подобаэться спорт і 6 чому не подобається


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I love the sport because it's going. At school we have a physical training that I never miss, we run jump play. I love to swim, I went two years in the pool and win some seats. Sport helps us is in good shape to be healthier and stronger. I want to record a section of box interesno.Sport I think it helps people to keep fit. People involved in athletics, gymnastics, tennis - sports and games for all seasons, for all people for all tastes. But not all people love sports. Some people can not exercise because of health problems. Some pleasant to sit at home. But the lack of movement leads to fullness. Children are much happier sitting on the couch with a book or in front of a computer. A zroslym should exercise at all, apart from the fact that they move a little they have a bad habit of harming health.