Помогите, составить диалог про здаровый образ жизни тюе какую еду предпочитаешь и что то в этов роде))) пожалуйста


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- What do you do to keep fit? (Ido morning exercises, eat the right food and take vitamins.)

- Are there any fitness clubs in your town?(Yes, there are. There are two fitness clubs in my town.)

- Have you ever gone to a fitness club? (Yes, I have. I have gone to the fitness club several times.)

- Do you do any sports? (Yes, Ido.)

- What sport is it? (It is table tennis.)

- How often, do you go in for sports? (I play table tennis three times a week.)

- Where do you usually play table tennis? (I play table tennis at home and at the school sports ground.)

- What sport is popular in your family? (Skiing, running and playing table tennis are popular in my family.)

- Do you take part in any competition? (Yes, I do. I took part in the school competition two months ago.)

- Have you ever won a prize or medal there? (No, I have not. I haven't won the prize or medal there.)