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“Be ready! At 5 o`clock we must be at business centre”, said Angela. I asked, “Where has Tom gone?” “I am sorry, I am late. I lost my way”, he said to our guide. Gerry asked, “Can you lend me some money?” “There is no paper in the box”, she said. He said, “I am living in London now.” She said, “What do you want?” She asked, “Why doesn`t this machine work?” He said, “Don`t sell the car.” She said, “Can you open your bag, please?” He said, “Stay in bed for a few days.” Marry said, “I went to London with my sister.” My friend said, “I watch a lot of soap operas.” He asked, “Will Tom be here tomorrow?” My mother asked,” Did you clean the room yesterday?” Her teacher said, “I am not going to ask you.” The teacher asked, “How did the accident happen?” My cousin said, “We are not interested in politics.” I asked, “Didn`t you hear the bell?” He said, “What did you tell the police?” Tom said, “New York is more lovely than London.” She said, “He turned out a good pianist.” “Are you kidding?”, she asked. She wrote, “Put up at this hotel” I asked, “Where are you living now?”


Ответы и объяснения


Angela said that i were ready and that they must be at business centre at 5o'clock.

I asked where Tom had gone

He said to our guide that he was late, he had lost his way.
Gerry asked if I could lend him some money.
She said that there was no paper in the box.
He said that he was living in London that momet.
She asked  what  i had wanted
She asked why this machine didn't work

he said not sell the car

She asked if i could open my bag

He said to stay in bed for a few days
Ну а дальше по такому же принципу