Помогите пожалуйста! When were you ill last time?Write a short story about this.Use the ideas fro the table.(Когда тебе было плохо прошлый раз?Напишите короткий рассказ об этом.Берите идеи из таблицы).

Таблица: I WAS ILL:..days ago,...weeks ago,...months ago,...years ago,..last week,last month,last year.

A HAD:a sore throat,a headache,a cold,flu,toothache,stomachache,earache..

I HAD TO:call the doctor,go to hospital,stay in bed,take some medicine(cough syrup,nose drops),drink a lot of milk(tea,juice,water)...

I COULDN`T:play football,see my friends,go to school,eat tasty things...

I FELT BETTER IN:..days,...weeks

I`LL NEVER: eat much chocolate,ice cream,hot dogs,listen to loud music,open windows in winter...

I`LL ALWAYS:wear warm clothes in winter,listen to Mum,brush my teeth,

Хотя бы на русском придумайте,а то вообще в голову нечего не лезет:С


Ответы и объяснения


A: Hi, How are you

B: Hi, I am ill.

A: Oh, I see. Have you sore throat?

B:Yes, When were you ill last time?

A: Last month, I had a stomachache

B  And i was ill 2 month ago last time

A: Ok, i need to go, bye

B: bye