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Hi, Fred!

How are you? We haven't seen each other for the whole year, so I miss you so much.

This summer I'm visiting Moscow. As you know, Moscow is the capital of Russia. It is very close to Europe itself. I have read, heard and seen a lot of things, an enormous amount of things about Moscow. We see it every day on TV. We can witness the tops of Kremlin towers behind the president's back at New Year night, buildings and constructions on the news, on movies and so on. I heard from my parents and friends who visited the city before that it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Also, Moscow is pretty old, younger than London, but older than New York. I will definitely visit Kremlin, the Red Square, Mausoleum, Tretyakov gallery, take a photo with Ostankino TV tower and many other fascinating places. After visiting Moscow I will write to you and describe everything in details.

Consider if you can visit Russia, then we would meet. I want to see you as soon as possible, my friend.

Yours sincerely,


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