вставте слова вместо ...(bad,badly,beautiful,beautifully,good,well,happy,happily,quick,guickly,slow,slowly) i don't like to play chess with Bill. he plays ... 2bill is a ... chess player3 ted can run ... 4he is a ... runner 5you speak ... 6he is ... because he has a five 7my dog jumps ... when i come home. 8the Greens are a very ... family. 9mary is a ... girl. 10she dancer ...


Ответы и объяснения


1. I don't like to play chess with Bill. He plays badly.

2. Bill is a bad chess player.

3. Ted can run quickly.

4. He is a quick runner.

5. You speak well.

6. He is happy  because he has a five.

7. My dog jumps happily  when I come home.

8. The Greens are a very  good family.

9. Mary is a beautiful  girl.

10. She dances beautifully.