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From 1066 to the beginning of the XV century (over 300 years in a row) French was the official language in England.National anthem of France - La Marseillaise - is very popular all over the world.The country's national flower - iris, the national animal - Gallic Rooster.The foundations of modern civil law systems of France were laid in the Napoleonic era.French is an official language in 30 countries.The country has Europe's highest tax on wealth.France decided to greet each other with a kiss on the cheek - even male friends without subtext kiss at the meeting.About 34% of the French population is fluent in English.Most 50% of the population knows at least one foreign language.French - leader by the number of Nobel Prize in Literature.Every day in the country coming out of 2 new books.In France, lives only in Europe, a female blacksmith Karol Teruz-Crevecoeur.France is famous for the most expensive in the world of mushrooms - truffles.The majority of French adults can not stand McDonalds.