Срочно нужен анализ текста "The third man" на английском, спасибо заранее


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The city is divided into four zones of occupation: American, English, Soviet and French sectors, and the center of the city, the so-called international zone, by all four allies together. In the city, due to a lack of practically any product, a thriving black market, and there are gangs.

At the invitation of the friend of his childhood Harry lime (Orson Welles), in Vienna comes the writer of simple westerns, American writer Holly Martens . When he arrived at the address, he learns from porter , Harry had recently died in an accident, which occurred right under the Windows of his house, a car hit him. Martens time only for the funeral of a friend. At the funeral of the Martens speaks English officer, major (Trevor Howard), and was confirmed in the full innocence of Martens to the issue under investigation work he tells him that Harry lime was one of the main Vienna gangsters. Martens, who knew Lyme 20 years, strongly rejects such a possibility.

Subsequently, the friends Lyme tell Мартенсу the details of the death of his friend, disturbing Martens in the first turn, because the place of the incident was not random people - even the driver of the vehicle was its own driver lime. In addition, the assurances of friends, the two of them rushed to help, and the janitor said Martens he saw the three of them. Despite the fact that the major Kelowey provided Martens ticket for a return plane, Martens, confident in the fact that his friend was killed, begins his own investigation, an important part of which become a search of the third man. 
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