Написать сочинение " Здоровая Семья " что надо делать чтобы семья была здоровая. На английском со словами Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly . Не менее 12 строк


Ответы и объяснения


Currently, the Russian society is marked attention to the family of all social institutions. This is due to the objective processes developing in the humanization of society and democratization of social and cultural relations, increase understanding of the priority of the family in development, education and socialization of children. In a different context sounds that the family must finally become in our society, not just a value, but the value of number 1, that the family is our new national idea. In this regard, every effort must be allocated for the restoration of family systems, the cultivation of mutual understanding in the family, improving the educational potential of the family.

The proposed project "Healthy Family - Healthy Nation" focuses on the entire list of requirements that are critical to the education of highly moral, social - adapted both spiritually and physically healthy person. The main institution is the education of the individual family, her way of life and style.