Washington DC и Sightseeing of Washington DC сочинение 20-25 предложений на одну и на другую тему (чтобы легко учить ) пж на завтра!!!


Ответы и объяснения


1)Washington DC is the capital of the United States.

2)It is political centre. 

3)its population 5000000 people

4)Its situated on the river Arkanzas

5)The city is young and beautiful

6)It was thousand more than 6 thousand years ago

7)Traditionally Washington divided into several parts

8) One part is the aristocratic offical part of London

9) It includes the White House

10) There are famous colour rooms

11)The second part is  the most beautiful 

12) Other part is the centre of factories

13) There many people looking for jobs

14)Washington has many places of interest

15) One of them is the Washington memorial

16)The tallest stone structure in the USE

17)The Lincoln memoria;l is the west of  washington memorial

18)Washington is the place where mass demonstrations take place

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