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1) He said then he had never been there

2)He asked me if i had ever been to London?

3)He asked me how many times had i been there?

4)He asked me when i had been there at the last moment?(last)

5)He said that he sould to have his holidays in the crimea that year.

6)I ashed him could he gave me his adress?

7)She said that she should be enable to come to te airport to see him off

8)She said to us that he sould spend his week end at his parents

9)He said to us that they had reached the village late in the evening.

10)He said that they had just make a trip to the sea coast

11)He said that there would be a concert at the club the following saturday

Ну все... не гарантия что все правильно но попытка не пытка)