Complete the sentences with the passive form of the verb in brackets/
1. The best cheese_________in France (make)
2. Paper_______ by the Chinese (invent)
3. The Rissuan State National Library____ in 1892 (found)
4. This book____next year. (publish)
5. Our library ______ on Sundays. (close)

2 задание
correct the mistakes. Use the correct verb ans preposition

1. I never lend things from my brother. he often forgets to return them - _______________________________________________
2.I am afraid I will have to land some money to you.-It is OK. How much do you need?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________
3.May I land your pen?- Sure. Here you are.- _________________________________________________________________________________
4.Do not borrow any money to Alise. She won^t give it back.-____________________________________________________________________________________________
5. Mary wants to lend that grammar textbook from you.-I can not give it to her now. I am using it-_____________________________________________________________________________________


Ответы и объяснения

1. Is made
2. Was invented
3. Was found
4. Will being published
5. Is closed
Неуверенна, но как-то так..