Write a letter to your pen friend in Britain. Tell her about seasons and the weather in your country.



Ответы и объяснения


Hello My dear friend ! How the wether in Britain? In our country the wether is good but sometimes is bad. Today the wether  was overcast . Spring has come in our region. snow is slowly melting. Weather becomes every day all warmer and warmer.

Goodbye my dear friend! Write me how you got there in Britain  

Dear penfriend,

Thank you for your letter.I hope you are fine.I would like to tell you about seasons and weather in our country.In winter it is cold and snows.Children play snowballs and make snowmans.In spring it is warm.The trees are green in spring.In summer it is hot and sunny.People swim in the sea and play funny games.In autumn it is windy,but nice.The trees are yellow,red and orange.It is a lot of vegetables in autumn.

Write back and tell me about weather in Britain.

Best wishes,