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The writing, reasoning We all live on one planet, and as we often like to say, we make one big happy family. All of us - children of different ages. Everyone has their opinion on things. The people of one time they (views) in something similar, which usually can not be said about the views of the representatives of different generations. Therefore inevitable clash of different points of view. The most important, in my view, is the problem of "Fathers and Sons", in other words, the problem of the relationship between the older generation and the generation of "children." Communication between them is both necessary and inevitable. It is between the "fathers" and "children," a lot of challenges. The question of "fathers and children, worried members of different ages, he raised again and again in Russian literature. On the issue reflected Ivan Turgenev's novel "Fathers and Sons." In his work the problem of "Fathers and Sons" in harmony with the time of writing, but it has much in common with its modern version of the sound. The author introduces the reader to judgment of his characters: "... the son of the father is not a judge ...", "bitter pill - and to swallow it." The problem of "Fathers and Sons" is relevant to this day. However, today it has acquired a slightly different color. In today's world, it seems to me, this question arises from a misunderstanding, the desire to exalt themselves to the older or the younger generation before.