Раскройте скобки,ставя прилагательные в нужную форму.

1.The giraffe is (tall)animal in the world.

2.This is(wonderful)place for a holiday.

3.John is(bad)skier in our group.

4.I fin French (difficult)than English.

5.He is(famous)in Britain.

Вставьте вместо точек some,any,much ,many.

1.There is ...milk in the cup.

2.How...salt is there in the box?

3.Ary there ...chairs in the room?Yes there are...

4.Is there ...butter in the fridge?

5.There is...snow in the street.


Ответы и объяснения

  • Jerk
  • середнячок

1.The giraffe is talliest animal in the world.

2.This is a wonderful place for a holiday.

3.John is baddest skier in our group

4.I find French difficult than English.

5.He is famous in Britain.



1.There is some milk in the cup.

2.How many salt is there in the box?

3.Are There many chairs in the room? Yes there are some.

4.Is there some butter in the fridge?

5.There is some snow in the street.



1 The giraffe is the tallest animal in the world.

2This is a wonderful place for a holiday.

3 John is the worst skier in our group.

4I findFrench is more difficult than English.

5 He is more famous in Britain.



1 There is some milk in the cup.

2 How much salt is there in the box?

3 Are there any chairs in the room? Yes, there are some.

4 is there any butter in the friedge?

5 There is much snow in the street.